The Background

With literally nothing left to lose.

What does that mean?  Suncana Markovic told me that when she spread rumors about me to get me back after she cheated on me, broke up with me, and I found and fell in love with Ivana Ledenko.  Much like her, a lot of people do not know what that means.  Does it mean reputation?  Does it mean materialism?  Does it mean your ego?

For a person like me, I really have nothing left to lose.  In fact I lost it 5 years ago in 2008 and now am at that point where I wasted the past 10 years of my life, because I cannot fight Croatia’s discriminating policies.  So what happened did you ask?

I went to medical school.

Wait a second!  Doesn’t being a doctor guarantee a career in medicine?  In 1997, I used to think so, but that was WAY before the times (September 11, 2001) when people were into the separation of people purely due to their races.  OK, yes.  I agree that there were always wars, closed borders and embargoes, but when I started my pre-med degree at NCSU in 1997, I didn’t realize that being singled out because of my nationality would ever be an issue.

I decided to go to medical school in Zagreb, Croatia.  Where is that?  Exactly!  It’s one of the oldest and most respected schools in Eastern Europe.  Plus at that time, it was a Harvard Medical International Program with the promise of an inclusive USMLE.  However, since I am not a Croatian citizen, an EU citizen or a soccer player, I ran into:

  1. Not being able to do my internship.
  2. Not being able to take the state licensing examination.
  3. Not being able to hold a full license despite taking the licensing examination.
  4. Not having the right to specialize.

Need more information?

So there you have it.  In 2009, I graduated and since my degree was not recognized in Malaysia, I realized that I just wasted my time.  I borrowed money and returned to Croatia to license myself only to find out that I had to be a citizen of Croatia to accomplish anything related to medicine!  A colleague from France and I then started fighting to change the Croatian laws and ordinances hindering (discriminating) CROATIAN-qualified individuals from being in Croatia and working as medical doctors!

So things seemed great.  I passed my exam, got a temporary summer job on the coast, and despite the limitations on the allowed annual number of foreign doctors in Croatia (FIVE!), I still keep applying for positions so that I can get the minimum 2 years of experience to move out of Croatia and be able to specialize.  Since my contract for Dom Zdravlja Rijeka ended at the end of August, I have until December 3, 2013 to find a job and reestablish my work and stay permits!

The Promise.

If I can’t find a job within the time my visa is valid in Croatia, I will have to leave this place.  Therefore with literally and absolutely NOTHING to lose (no girlfriend, no family, no job, no house, no money, no materialistic goods, etc.), I plan to just minimize my possessions and start a walkabout.

On the way, I will use my knowledge gained from my life experiences to help the world, to learn a few things on the way, and to survive. 🙂



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